Makeup tips to accentuate your best features

Lisa Schryver

Whether it's the eyes, lips or cheekbones, makeup can help accentuate your best features.

My beauty philosophy relies on the notions of bringing balance and proportion to any face while paying close attention to individual bone structure and facial features,” explains Anastasia Soare, brow expert and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

To spot an imbalance in your features, Soare suggests taking a photo of your face close up and draw three lines to define the three ideal facial zones. All three sections should be the same length, creating a proportionate and balanced face regardless of your facial shape or ethnicity.

The first section is from the top of the forehead to the top of the eyebrows; the second section is from the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose; and the third section is from the base of the nose to the bottom of the chin.

The recipe for a perfect face would ask for equal lengths of each zone and symmetry on both sides to be considered perfectly proportionate, says Soare. Our goal is to achieve overall balance within the face, and thus we focus on shaping and shading the brows, face shape and eye shape in order to create harmony and proportion.

Define Your Brows

One of the easiest and often overlooked ways to create definition is by shaping the eyebrows.

Properly arched brows play a key role in balancing features like your eyes, nose, forehead, and the length of your face, Soare adds. Eyebrows are the cornerstone of facial proportion.

Eyebrows should be one shade darker than your hair color to create balance and definition. Urban Decay's Brow Box packs all the tools you need for professionally styled brows into a compact kit, which includes two shades of powder brow color joined by a pair of high-quality mini tweezers that will eradicate the tiniest of hairs.

Urban Decay Brow Box

Shading and Contouring Your Cheekbones

One of the best things about makeup is that it can enhance or minimize facial features.

Shading or contouring can completely change the way you look for the better, explains celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson. Contouring around the hairline into the forehead helps minimize the focus on a larger-than-average size forehead.

Use a cream foundation in a deeper tone than your skin to contour the crease of the eyes, cheeks and along the sides of the nose to add dimension and reshape the face.

If your nose is a bit too long, shorten it, suggests Crimson. Give it the illusion by lightly brushing, or run a bit of matte bronzer or cream foundation just at the tip of the nose ¿ it's quick surgery without going under the knife.

These tricks are easy to attain; when shading or contouring, just look in the mirror and you can usually see where the contouring or highlight techniques should be applied, says Crimson. The brighter points on the face are for highlighting and the more shadowed or recessed areas of the face will utilize the contouring techniques.

Make Your Lips Look Fuller

If your mouth is your best feature, first be sure your lips are not chapped, says makeup artist LuAnn Claps.

To prevent dry or sunburned lips, try a lip product with sunscreen included. There are a variety of lip colors now that pack a pigment punch and still contain sunscreen as well.

If you have full lips, you probably like color on the sheer side, says Claps. Clinique makes great sheer colors in their Chubby Sticks.

Clinique Chubby Sticks

For women looking to plump their lips, the Bliss Fabulips Collection features a foaming lip cleanser to lift impurities, sugar lip scrub to gently exfoliate, instant lip plumper to visibly volumize and softening lip balm to soften and moisturize.

Get Thicker Lashes

Regardless of eye shape, mascara is a no brainer when it comes to accentuating the eyes. The key is using a high-quality formula and applying it correctly.

A great tip for applying mascara is take the flattest side of a wedge sponge and place it on the lid behind the lash and coat vigorously, Crimson adds. This will allow you to coat the lashes without getting product all over the lid or eye shadow you previously applied.

And don't forget the eyelash curler!

Always curl before you apply your mascara, advises Claps. Then apply your mascara evenly across your lashes, but add a bit more on the outside to open, elongate and lift the eye even more.

These easy tricks can help you accentuate any part of your face that you to show off. Experiment with using different colors and techniques to find what works best for you.