Gather your family, gather your friends, even your coworkers. Gift giving during the holidays brings on good cheer but to add a bit of mischievous to the mix, why not set up a White Elephant gift swap

We've found a few funny, Christmas-themed White Elephant gifts that are sure to get a laugh or two. But what makes a good White Elephant gift?

You'll surely want to look for something silly. Part of the fun of doing a White Elephant gift exchange is getting a good laugh.

Uselessness is another geat quality to look for in a gift. Let's be honest, no one is going home and using a lot of this stuff. 

Cheap is another requirement. Most White Elephant gift swaps will have limits below $30. The majority of the gifts listed here are under $20 with a few above the $25 mark.

Take a look and have a great time gifting!