Looking to splurge on something other than a computer? Here are some of the latest, quirkiest and most innovative gifts. They range from a super-powered flashlight to the latest in robots, and they’re designed to impress anyone who has a fondness for gadgets.

Spot Global Phone. Perfect for those who travel to far-off, distant countries – beyond where normal cell phones typically reach. These satellite phones can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit and are expected to work in the mountains and in the wilderness. Starting at $500 at findmespot.com

Narrative Clip Lifelogging Camera. It’s a modern-day journal. This is a tiny camera that shoots a frame every 30 seconds (it holds approximately 4,000 frames). Clip it on, and it starts taking photos. Put it down or put it in your pocket, and it stops. $279 at GetNarrative.com

Volta Sound Block. Vintage meets modern with this retro-looking but modern sounding amplifier. Pop your iPhone into the Sound Block (a solid block of alder from Oregon, with a buffalo horn) and it uses Neodymium magnets to hold the phone in place, while the horn and wood work together as a passive sound amplifier sans electronics and chargers. $190 at VoltaSound.com

Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It may not be the sexiest of gifts, but it’s quite possibly the sexiest smoke detector on the market. Instead of screaming, it calmly yet urgently warns you about your home’s issues. It works in conjunction with the Nest’s thermostat and is connected via Wi-Fi. The Nest tests itself and reports its own condition to an app. This is one high-tech smoke detector. $129 at Nest.com

USB Typewriter. Bring back the classic typewriter – with a twist. This version plugs into any USB device including Macs, PCs and iPads and features all the modern keyboard function (yes, the @ symbol is on it), so you’ll be up to date with modern life in your vintage office. $800 at Uncommongoods.com

Romo smartphone robot. Put your Smartphone into Romo’s base, and this cool robot comes alive. He’ll adjust to your behavior and will even communicate. $150 at Romotive.com

Coast HP314 Long Range Focusing Flashlight. It’s a staple among law enforcement professionals and rescue workers – and now you can also have this 2,240-foot beam flashlight, which uses an unbreakable LED light and is designed to shine up to a half-mile away. It can run on four ‘D’ batteries for more than four hours on high or 192 hours on low. $349.99 at coastportland.com

USB Polygraph (Lie Detector) Demonstration Kit. This will be a hit at parties, or you can just have a good time figuring out just what makes you sweat. It uses PC or Mac software and comes with a skin-conductivity sensor, pulse sensor, USB interface module, time-tracking paper and a manual. $399 at ScientificsOnline.com

Lego Mindstorms EV3. Take your child’s Lego obsession to another level with this gift. The Mindstorms kit comes with the ARM9 processor and Wi-Fi chip that will transform the toy into a remote-controlled robot. It can then be controlled through an App, of course. $350 at Lego.com

Zoomer. It’s the closest thing you can get to adopting a dog without actually getting a puppy. This dog will bark, talk and even learn tricks – and all you need to do is to charge him through a USB. He’s one smart pup. About $150 at zoomerpup.com

P.A.C.O. Gesture Control Speaker. Wave your hands above this Bluetooth digital loudspeaker, which offers wireless streaming from smartphones, computers and other sources – and you’ll be able to control playback. It’s super sleek and minimal because it literally has no wires or buttons. About $650 at digitalhabits.it