DEKA Chicago: Fitness meets Fashion

Tamika Maria Price

After meeting the lovely managers of DEKA Chicago, Michaela and Katrice (that were decked out in DEKA wear, of course) at a fashion networking event last month, they invited me to come in and check out the store. I took them up on the offer yesterday and visited DEKA Chicago, one of the newest additions to the 900 Shops. The best way to describe DEKA’s pieces is “fashion performance wear” which means you can actually wear the workout gear as casual wear and look stylish doing it.


DEKA has sought-after brands including Stella McCartney’s performance-meets-style line for ADIDAS, Newton Running, MICHI, for a fitness-oriented diva meets vixen look (I need a pair of their Illusion Pants, by the way!), Y-3 and lots of others.

In addition to stylish fitness gear, DEKA also offers its shoppers handbags, lots of casual pieces and even fine jewelry.

So if you happen to be one of the brave souls that is taking on the Chicago Marathon or you just like to look good to and from the gym, check out DEKA Chicago for a fashionable twist on your fitness gear.