Retail Entrepreneur Shares Her Ups, Downs and Wisdom

Tamika Maria Price

With three boutiques under her belt, local entrepreneur Mallory Ulaszek knows a thing or two about the retail industry. From traveling to NYC for market and fashion week twice a year to pounding the pavement in Chicago to keep her stiletto heels on the edge of fashion, her multi-tasking mind is filled with behind the scenes knowledge that is…priceless.

Her new blog Insight Catalogue (, which launches, November 12th, shares this knowledge, giving an inside look into the world of retail, fashion and small business through the eyes of an owner. Focusing less on fashion and more on the business side, Mallory hopes to shed light on the industry she loves and give both current and aspiring retailers a little help from a friend.

Insight Catalogue is one part metaphysical musings, one part style blog, and one part mentor piece for current and aspiring retailers. After joining the ranks of other store owners and entrepreneurs in the fashion industry in 2009, Mallory quickly realized she was moving full speed ahead without direction and nowhere to turn for help.  She found an overall lack of willingness to share stories of success and failure in fashion, as well as a lack of inclusiveness.  With Insight Catalogue, Ulaszek hopes to break down barriers and open doors that help those aspiring to be in the fashion industry through a sharing of her own personal successes and failures.

“After mentoring a few aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, I realized that the knowledge I now have could be shared with those who are in the position I once was,” says Ulaszek.  “Insight Catalogue is not just about trends, but also about what drives the industry and the knowledge I have picked up along the way.  It is a collection of my thoughts, stories and advice for anyone who wants insight into the world of fashion.”


I checked out her first blog entry and immediately thought how awesome of her to candidly share her experiences – both good and bad! This is definitely a resource for anyone looking to build a career within the retail/fashion world. Mallory is not your average fashionista. She is a true entrepreneur. She opened her first store, cityblue apparel & denim in 2009 and three years later, launched e-commerce and opened her second store, CB, in her hometown of Lake Forest. In 2013, she closed both stores to reconcept and open Roam (, a bi-level men’s and women’s boutique offering a carefully curated exclusive selection of luxury labels from both local and international designers in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

I’m looking forward to reading Mallory’s posts and checking out her new boutique, Roam.