7 Pumpkin Beauty Products to Try

Lisa Koivu

Today I’ve got pumpkins on the brain. Blogging used to be my way of “relaxing,” but now that I’m blogging full-time I’ve had to find other hobbies. This week pumpkins are my hobby. Playing with pumpkins got me to thinking about the various ways we use pumpkins this time of year. While I’ve always seen pumpkin products at the stores I didn’t give much thought to it until recently. Did you know that companies don’t necessarily use pumpkin in their products to appeal solely to our sense of fall, but that pumpkin beauty products are actually good for your skin, hair, and nails?

The International Dermal Institute has a great post about the benefits of pumpkin in our beauty routines, which includes these points:

• Pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover, to brighten and smooth the skin.

• Pumpkin contains antioxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin C to help soften and soothe the skin and boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.

• Zinc in pumpkin seeds is brilliant for acne sufferers. Zinc will help control the hormone level and oil production, as well as assist with healing of the skin.

• Pumpkin seeds are high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are necessary to maintain good barrier function of the skin. They also regulate sebum, great for an oily skin.

• The molecular structure of pumpkin is small and therefore can penetrate deeper into the skin when used topically. This is amazing for treating a dull complexion, aging skin and pigmentation.

With this in mind, I went in search of some pumpkin products, and this is what I found:


Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion 10% • $35 at SkinCare RXThis lotion uses pumpkin extract, glycolic acid, and grape seed extract to improve skin tone and elasticity.


Bidwell Botanicals Spiced Pumpkin Sugar Scrub Spiced Pumpkin Sugar Scrub • $20 at Bidwell BotanicalsThis scrub is good for all skin types. According to the description of the product, “Warming essential oils and soothing shea butter combine with the natural enzymes of pumpkin pulp and exfoliating cane sugar help to smooth and refine skin texture, all wrapped up in the delicious aroma of homemade pumpkin pie.”


Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Whipped Souffle Styling Creme Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Whipped Soufflé Styling Creme • $19.46 at Beauty EncounterPumpkin whipped soufflé sounds good enough to eat, doesn’t it?! This product provides shine and helps reduce frizz. It is packed with Pumpkin Enzymes, Aloe, Wheat Germ Oil, Panthenol, Vitamins A, C and E, Natural Fruit Acids and Minerals.


June Jacobs Spa Collection Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque June Jacobs Spa Collection Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque • $78 at Beauty.comFrom the description, this product is “Paraben and preservative free, this spicy, detoxifying masque contains a powerful pumpkin enzyme to digest dead surface cells, stimulating cellular turnover and improving skin’s tone and texture.”


MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream MyChelle Pumpkin Renew Cream • $27.25 at DrugStore.com”Lightweight yet nourishing formula blends antioxidant-rich Pumpkin Seed Oil with Reparative Peptides to protect cellular health and maintain hydration. Astaxanthin, from Micro-Algae, neutralizes free radicals while reducing moisture loss. EGF Peptides promote cellular renewal and collage production. Organic Shea Butter and Tocomin® Vitamin E replenish skin’s lipid barrier to prevent dehydration.”


Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Peel & Reveal Dermal Resurfacer Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Peel & Reveal Dermal Resurfacer • $58 at SephoraThis resurfacer helps remove old skin to keep your skin looking fresh and young. It addresses dullness, flaking, discoloration, and aging. Pumpkin enzyme helps to digest dead surface skin cells.


Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser • $32 at SkinTrendsRhonda Allison products appear to have a bit of a cult following! According to the description, “Pumpkin has a high content of vitamin A and beta carotene, two potent antioxidant ingredients. Combined with natural surface lipid reducers and essential oils, this natural, all-purpose daily cleanser not only provides a wonderful pumpkin spice aroma, but is gentle enough for ultra sensitive skin while providing a deep pore cleanse.”


Do you currently use any pumpkin beauty products in your routine? If so, which ones?