Recently there has been a bunch of companies that ship boxes of goodies that come to your door each month for a flat rate. Out of all of them I have to say that Chicago-based KLUTCHclub is by far my favorite. featured in the August 2012 issue of Chicago Social! KLUTCHclub was founded in April 2012 by former McKinsey & Co. Engagement Manager Julie Bashkin, who left her 75+-hr-per-week rat race to launch her own entrepreneurial brand. Struggling to stay healthy and fit, she came up with a way for women to make healthier choices without having to do hours of research and shopping, or overspend on trends they ultimately wouldn’t use.

This Month’s Womens Products:

C. Booth Body Butter

Giovanni Cosmetics

Berry Plus

Funky Monkey Snacks

Jaali Bean

Lush Gourmet Foods


Soy Joy

Seer Outfitters




This Month’s Mens Products:

Good Clean Love 2X 4ml Satchets Lube

Nature’s Gate Cleansing Bar

Athlete Octane 2.5 FL oz Drink

Tyler’s Coffee


Seer Outfitters


ToGo Brands Acai Energy Chews

Biopharma Scientific Nanoleans & Nanogreens


Check them out and sign up for your membership now for only $20/month or less. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Choose your membership and sign-up here for the December box and more months to come!


Stay Stylish Chicago,