One of my favorite stores to shop at any time of the year is Macy’s! Every week I will bring you my favorite deals that are hott in store right now that I think you fashionable people should go and get your hands on! This week’s line-up?


Levi’s Corduroy Pants (one of my must-have trends for the season) are on sale for only $39.99! Um hello, where we will you get Levi’s for that price anywhere else? Not to mention that not only are they super stylish, but uber comfortable on top of that.


Nine West Handbags are always fabulous and very well made! Right now they are 30% off so instead of being about $75 to $89 they are only $52 to $62. Everyone needs a Winter handbag and one that is on sale makes it even sweeter.


One of the best accessories is a statement necklace and right now Trend Necklaces are 25% off. They look stunning worn with just a plain t-shirt and jeans or with a top and blazer. Step up your style game and make a statement!!/flyers/macys-catalog?flyer_run_id=3426


Stay Stylish Chicago,