About Fashion Speak

I am a Personal Style Consultant, writer, and blogger from Milwaukee, WI and now living in the windy city of Chicago! I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Mary College with a major in Fashion Merchandise Management and a minor in Business Administration. I love fashion, staying on top of the latest trends, attending Chicago’s fabulous events and helping people make┬átrends into┬átheir own personal style! The Best feeling is helping someone feel beautiful through the fashion world and opening them up to new ideas; in the end creating a strong & confident woman.

Fashion Speak is a realm for anyone looking for fashion guidance, advice, tips, and latest in all that is fresh and fabulous in the fashion industry. So sit back, enjoy, and go out and work the latest trends!

I love taking questions regarding anything in the fashion realm, so PLEASE don’t be shy about posting questions to my blog, I am here to help!

In need of someone to go through you’re closet and tell you what needs to be sold and what can be made into another outfit? Or how about a personal shopper for you gals and guys who hate to shop, but still want to be on trend…well i’m your girl! Contact me, KS Style Consulting & check out our website!








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