Gift Ideas for Someone Moving Out of Country: First Reader Email Answered

Crystal Intini Alperin

This week, I was elated to receive an email from a reader who needs gift ideas for a friend who is moving out of the country. In today’s blog post, I answer the email* with gift ideas.

Dear Crystal,

I have a friend who is leaving the country for work.  We are throwing him a party next week, and we are supposed to get him one sentimental gift and one practical gift for him to utilize while he is out of the country. I would appreciate your help with the practical gift. Thank you!

Non-practical Dude

P.S. My wife loves your blog and is the one who told me to ask you for help.

Dear Non-practical Dude,

As someone who loves to throw parties regardless of the situation, I applaud you for the wonderful idea of asking guests to bring both a sentimental gift and a practical gift! This is a wonderful idea that I’m sure your friend will appreciate.

Here are some practical gift ideas:

1. Travel Luggage Scale – This device hooks onto luggage, packages and a wide variety of things your friend may be bringing on the airplane and any subsequent trips. It’s very small and will help your friend to avoid over-weight luggage fees. Target has a variety of travel luggage scales at a reasonable price.

2. Space Bags – Give him an assortment of sizes of Space Bags for packing his clothing and linens. I have used Space Bags the last couple of years, and they really do help maximize the amount of items I can fit in a suitcase.

3. Travel Guide – A current travel guide for his new city will really help him acclimate during his first couple of weeks. He will be able to search for restaurants, entertainment venues and basic information about his new city.

Please extend my sincere gratitude to your wife for reading my blog and encouraging you to email me. I truly appreciate your email. May your party be a success and your gift well-received!

Yours in Gift-Giving Delight,

Crystal Intini-Alperin

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*Disclaimer: The email in this blog post was edited to protect the sender’s identity.