5 Family-friendly ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Crystal Intini Alperin

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. At least that’s what my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher explained to her class on a long ago St. Patrick’s Day as she interrupted the day’s lesson with stories of mischievous leprechauns. The teacher’s innocent remark and classroom celebration forever changed two things in my household:

  1. My family officially adopted St. Patrick’s Day as our own
  2. Every March 17 since, I transform into a leprechaun, a wee, mischievous, Irish fairy

10 years since that first St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve fully embraced our new tradition. Today, I share 5 family-friendly ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and create a little mischief in your home.

5 family-friendly ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day:

 1. Decorate your home. If you’ve never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with your family before or if you are looking to step up the celebration this year, I recommend you stop by a local party supply store and purchase a whole lot of green: green streamers, green napkins, green balloons. I prefer to decorate the house after the kids go to sleep. This way, they wake up on March 17 and discover their home decorated with green. This really sets a fun tone for the entire day.

Note: To save money on future St. Patrick’s Day decorating, you can purchase re-usable St. Patrick’s Day specific decorations or wait until March 18 and try to get at reduced prices.

2. Add some mischief. Pick something fun and harmless for the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun to do while the kids are sleeping or at school. I’m a perfectionist and a neat-freak, so my inner-leprechaun loves to create mess and chaos.

As a leprechaun, I have pulled out decorations from other holidays and set them up in addition to all the green St. Patrick’s Day decor. One year, I even set up our Christmas tree and decorated it with green streamers. Leprechaun me has moved furniture from one room to another, emptied bins of clean recycling products and strewn them throughout the house, baked a special treat for the kids while leaving all the mess out and a trail of flour all around the house, etc.

Pick something which would be out of character for you or your house and have the Leprechaun do it. Leave on all the lights, television and radio in every room and pretend the Leprechaun broke in to your house and had a party. Have fun with it and tap into your inner mischievous side.

3. Make an Irish inspired dinner. Corned beef and cabbage is my favorite St. Patrick’s Day dinner. It requires very little work from me. I can throw all the ingredients: Corned beef with seasoning packet, potatoes and cabbage into my crock pot in the morning. By dinner time, it’s ready to serve with some hearty bread. You can also serve Shephard’s Pie and stuffed cabbage rolls.

4. Serve a special treat or dessert. Whether you bake or buy special St. Patrick’s Day butter cookies with green frosting or add a little green dye to a basic batch of Rice Krispies to turn them green, the gesture will delight everyone in your home.

My family loves it when I tweak the basic Rice Krispies recipe (8 cups cereal, 1 bag marshmallows, 2 TB melted butter) for St. Patrick’s Day. In year’s past, I’ve made the treats with Lucky Charms instead of Rice Krispies and I’ve also  added green dye and green M&Ms to the basic recipe. Both were huge hits with my family.

5. Finish with something kind. End the day by giving your loved ones something special or doing something kind for them. Let them know how much you love them and how your life is better with them in it. Sometimes in the chaos of every day life, we forget to take the time to remind those in our lives how much we love them and how special they are. End your St. Patrick’s Day by finding the extra, special quiet time with each person in your home.

Wishing you and your family a fun, healthy, joyous St. Patrick’s Day!

May your gifts always be well-received and may joy fill your heart as you give.

Yours in Gift-Giving Delight,

Crystal Intini-Alperin

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