Last minute Mother’s Day gifts

Crystal Intini Alperin

Mother’s Day is tomorrow! Yes, it’s tomorrow, but there is no need to panic nor start wrapping canned goods from your pantry with pages ripped out of old magazines – unless your Mom is into that. Mother’s Day may be tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to surprise the special woman or women in your life with a great, meaningful Mother’s Day gift. In today’s column, I’m here to help those who have yet to shop or those who have been stuck trying to find a gift to honor the special woman in their life.

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Monthly Time Together: Grab 12 index cards, pieces of paper or post-it notes. On one side of the index card, write each month of the year. On the flip side of the index card, write an activity for you and your mother or special woman who helped to raise you. Buy an inexpensive box or container or re-purpose one from your home, put the index cards inside it and wrap.

Variation: This is  great present for grandchildren to give their grandmothers, too!  Have the grandchildren draw a picture of the activity or create a puzzle of the activity on the notecard and let the recipient guess what it is.

Tip: Set up an alert on your calendar to remind you on the first day of each month to schedule that month’s activity.

2. Plan a Paint-It, Plant It, Fix-It Day: Most of the people I know have to-do lists which rival Santa’s list. Offer to tackle a project that Mom has been talking about for years, such as digging a flower bed, painting the house, or re-organizing the kitchen. Add a card with an actual note written on the inside, and you’ll make her day!

3. Tickets to an Event: Buy 2 online tickets for an event Mom would enjoy attending with you. Print out a copy of your tickets and include fun facts about the event venue, the event and why you chose it.

4. Permission to Relax: Mom spends so much time taking care of others. Encourage her to take more time for herself and relax. Give her some books, magazine subscriptions, a bottle of wine, yarn and knitting needles or even a spa day gift card! Aside from the homemade coupon books, cards and drawings my kids have given me, my very favorite Mother’s Day gift was an over-sized hammock for the backyard. I’ve spent so many lovely afternoons relaxing in the hammock, often with a kid curled up next to me.

5. Gift Card: Gift cards are the quickest, most convenient and accessible gifts to give. Most gas stations, pharmacies and 24-hour grocery stores sell them. Gift cards really do make excellent last minute gifts and are more socially acceptable than they ever have been, especially if they are combined with a genuine, personal touch.

The best way to do this is to take a few minutes and write a letter to her or a personal note in her card. I highly recommend including at least one specific reason how she has made a difference in your life or write about a time when you really needed her and how she helped you.

Not everyone is a note writer nor comfortable with the emotional approach. So, don’t sweat it if it’s not your thing. Try making a funny list of the things she has done for you or purchase some of her favorite candy bars or snack foods. The goal is to add an extra touch to personalize the gift card, to add a little extra something to show her that you know her and appreciate her.

If you are looking for additional Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’ll enjoy Best Mother’s Day gifts, which features creative Mother’s Day gift ideas, which are easy to assemble or make, easy to ship and easy on the budget!

May your gifts always be well-received and may joy fill your heart as you give.

Yours in Gift-Giving Delight,

Crystal Intini-Alperin

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