Healthy snacking for the Holidays

Kelly Daugherty

This is the time of year when the extra pounds start to not only creep up on us, but on our kids as well.  In addition to staying active, make sure that you are saving the treats for the parties and opting for healthy snacks in between.  Whether you have a craving for salty or sweet, here are a couple of options to fill you up without packing on the pounds.

 Crave Salt?  Try Popcorn


If you like the crunch and the salty taste, opt for low calorie popcorn instead of chips.  Make your popcorn even more exciting by misting with olive oil and sprinkling with Parmesan cheese.  Looking for popcorn to eat on the go or pack in school lunches?  Try Skinny Pop.  It is on sale until Nov 12th at Joe Caputo & Sons.

Crave Sweet? Try Yogurt


Instead of reaching for a handful of candy, try a cup of yogurt instead.  While yogurt still has a fair amount of sugar, it is less than candy/cookies, and you will get some calcium and protein as well.  The calories you save by eating yogurt, will allow you to over-indulge at the next party. Yoplait yogurt is on sale until Nov 12th at Joe Caputo & Sons.