The Circular Home Suggests…Global Chic from Horchow

Elizabeth Rago

I’ve finally pinpointed my style, dear readers. Global Chic. Thanks to Horchow, I have found the ultimate oasis of home furnishing loveliness. The first luxury mail-order catalog not launched by a brick and mortar store, Horchow (now, under the Neiman Marcus umbrella) lives by these simple rules:

004-copy-2_03Did you see that last line, sweet Circular Home readers?

“If it makes you smile, it’s your style.”

This is what The Circular Home is all about: making your space exclusively yours, breaking the so-called “rules” and branching out beyond the borders of aesthetically correct. Unique simply does not do this lavish spread of fine home decor justice. And if Global Chic is not your cup of tea, try Madison Avenue, Beauty & the East, and Lodge Luxe.

Feast your eyes and holy decor gods be praised!


“Chanda” Bed Linens

Horchow african necklaces

African Necklaces


Ovalene Table


“Napa” Banquette


Pierced Metal Chandelier


Marrakesh Table Linens from Kim Seybert


Image credit, Horchow