Celeb holiday wish list: Mary DeFalco of Two Salty Boys

Elizabeth Rago

A former MTV Networks Account Director, Mary DeFalco went from jet-setting all over the map to running PTA meetings and helping battle cystic fibrosis, an insidious, chronic disease. CF is a genetic disorder that causes severe digestive complications and life-threatening lung infections and Mary chronicles the joy, laughter, and stress of refereeing 2 little boys with CF and being a rare disease advocate on her blog, Two Salty Boys.


Mary and her sons Michael (diagnosed with CF at 10 weeks old) and Dylan (diagnosed when she was pregnant) are very involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation with fundraising and creating awareness. Mary and her husband are Chairpersons of CFF’s National Volunteer Leadership Initiative and are fiercely determined to be part of helping to find a cure.

Mary’s voice is pure mama and so heartfelt, dear readers, and I am thrilled to introduce you to her. Let’s check out her holiday wish list!

1. After our move back to Chicago, we painted the interior of our house 50 shades of gray. I have been looking for a coordinating pillowcase cover for my throw pillows that could skew gray but with warmth and effervescence. Love this from the Etsy shop, “StudioClaire”!

Pillow Cover from StudioClaire


2. I love wall décor that creates mystery or interest. I love these key shadow boxes for accents. Wonder where these keys could lead me…?

Key Shadowbox Collection from Restoration Hardware


3. I think all Mommy CEOs need a proper headquarters. My 2004 easy-assemble desk is not cutting it anymore. Love this refurbished white rolltop desk by White Cottage (at the bottom of the link at White Cottage Boutique). It’s clean but with vintage appeal. Love the interior contrast and better yet, I can close the rolltop to hide my clutter when guests stop in!

Rolltop Desk from White Cottage Boutique


4. With our two busy boys, our leather sofa set has taken a beating. From playing adventure to snuggling when they are sick, our furniture is evertyhing Would love something elegant, comfy, and practical. Been eying the Linden Sofa & Chair at Zgallerie. Just no fruit punch near the sofa, boys!

Chic Combo – Linden Sofa & Chair in Buckwheat at ZGallerie


5. With the winter winds blowing, I find countless coats and hats scattered about my floor and furniture. And since we don’t have an ideal place for a bench with lockers, I would love a cool coat tree. The Twig Coat Tree from ZGallerie has personality and interest.

Twig Coat Rack from ZGallerie


Image Credit – ZGallerie, Etsy, White Cottage Boutique, StudioClaire, Restoration Hardware