Celebrity holiday wish list: Tracey Becker of Just Another Mommy Blog

Elizabeth Rago

Tracey Becker writes at Just Another Mommy Blog and is co-producer of Listen To Your Mother Chicago, which is how she became a friend of Miss Elizabeth Rago who is a celebrity in her own right (so says Tracey, and so it shall be).


Numbers 1 and 2 – If I could have 5 wishes for my house? Oh man. This is perfect timing. In fact, one of my real wishes this year was a gift card to Menards so that we can get new flooring for the first floor. Not that I don’t like our current situation of polka dotted carpeting and missing tile squares, but it seems to me that if you can see the sub-floor of your kitchen, you should probably replace it. I am not picky about the carpet/tile combo we get; I just want something that is affordable, hides stains/washes easily, and isn’t super slippery so that my dog can walk and run on it properly without breaking her hip. Does that count for 2 wishes?

Mohawk New Market Plush Carpet from Menards


Wish Number 3 – I would love to line our office in shelving. Lots and lots of high quality, wooden shelves to hold not only my overflowing book collection but also the books and gear for our homeschooling supplies. I’m talking floor-to ceiling, solid oak shelves with a few doors to hide the ugly plastic bins…. I can just imagine it…
something akin to this:  (I am dying just looking at that picture…)

Image found on Beautiful Libraries


Wish Number 4 – What I wouldn’t give for new lighting throughout my home, but especially in our bedrooms. True story: On Tuesday of this week, I wore a sweater that I thought was brown. I got dressed and left so quickly that it wasn’t until I took off my coat in proper lighting that I realized my sweater was a dark green. Obviously, our bedroom is like a cave. If Santa is listening, this is a really affordable wish as I am not picky or fancy with my lighting needs…



Wish Number 5 – I would wish for a new bed. As a married couple, we only owned a real bed for a few years before I admitted that my husband was just too tall for a footboard. At 6’4″, he would need the extra length that a King sized bed would offer before we could consider a framed bed again. I have always, always, ALWAYS loved sleigh beds. Kind of fitting for the Christmas season, eh?

Milford Louis Phillip Warm Brown Traditional King-size Sleigh Bed at Overstock.com



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Sabrina Persico, Overstock.com, IKEA, Menards, Beautiful Libraries