Elizabeth Rago

Urban Dictionary has a wide array of definitions for modern slang and I went straight to the site to see if the meaning of DIY matched my definition. And to my excitement, I found one that really resonated with me:

7. diy

Short for “Do It Yourself”, DIY is a phrase used when a person makes something herself rather than buying it pre-assembled. Often diy-ers try to do it themselves in an attempt to save money. Many an idiot has made the mistake of trying DIY only to have wasted time and money with no satisfying end result.


Example of DIY used in a sentence: Oh no! Dad’s going to try to fix the car DIY. Remember the last time he did that? Take cover! (definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary. Also, I corrected spelling and grammatical errors.)


The last part of the definition is me, dear readers. The part about “wasting time and money with no satisfying end result.” DIY to me is finding a collection of products, buying them, and having Peter install them. Easy breezy!


Our DIY project this weekend was finding a place for our produce. You see, we do not have a lot of counter space due to the fact that we live in a very small home, but we LOVE produce from Meijer. Naturally I turned to the retail storage guru, IKEA, for help.


And – VOILA!


Step 1 – Go to IKEA

Step 2 – Buy product conveniently located right below the inspiration wall.

Step 3 – Come home and announce your plans for home organization.

Step 4 – Kiss husband and promise “adult perks” if he cooperates.

Step 5 – Leave house for a few hours looking for other DIY projects and pick up wine in anticipation of a job well done by spouse.

Step 6 – Come home to completed project!



Quite a bit of fruit and veggies fit in each FINTORP tin. You will notice that these products have been labelled as “Condiment Stand” and “Cutlery Caddy” to which I told the IKEA gods that must humbly disobey and fill them with produce.


The artwork we already had, and I did notice later that a dead bug of some sort was trapped behind the glass, making this piece all the more “vintage”…