Forget Mom? (Shame on you!) Last minute Mother’s Day gifts

Elizabeth Rago

I work best under pressure, especially when it comes to gift giving. But, dear readers, Mom doesn’t want jewelry this year for Mother’s Day and if you are looking to really wow her (despite the fact that you have already dropped the ball and are shopping late), never you fear – The Circular Home is here!

Mom wants her own personal barista. Brew your very own espresso, cappuccino and latte – extra froth and all. Single shot or a double shot? How about BOTH.


Mr. Coffee® Café Barista® Espresso Maker

$199 at Walmart until May 11, 2014

Mom wants spray paint. Print out this easy breezy “Spray Paint Like a Pro” article from Apartment Therapy on colored card stock and add a few of mom’s favorite chemical hues courtesy of Krylon.


Krylon® ColorMaster™ Spray Paint

$3.27 at Walmart until May 11, 2014

Mom wants clean sheets. It’s the little things in life that impress mom, like placing your socks and poo poo undies into the hamper instead of tossing them bathroom floor.


Studio 400tc Cotton Sateen Queen Sheet Set
$59.99 at JC Penney until May 11, 2014

Mom wants a drink. On her new patio set. In silence. With chocolate. And a novel. For an hour.

Belize Dining Collection, $298 at ArtVan Furniture until May 12, 2014

Image Credit – JC Penney, Walmart, Krylon, Art Van Furniture

Main Image – Cannes Resort Seating, $1599.99 at ArtVan Furniture until September 15, 2014