Keep the holiday weight gain at bay with these tips

Kelly Daugherty & Jayne Drew

It’s that time of year when the unwanted pounds start to creep up on you.  Here are three tips to keep you active and healthy during the hectic holiday months.

Work Out in the Morning


By working out first thing in the morning, you will not only ensure you get those calorie burning moves done, but you will also be more energized for your day.  Since it is getting cold here in Chicago, you may want to give yourself an early holiday gift by investing in a treadmill to eliminate the excuses of cold weather.  Treadmills are on sale until Nov 16th at Sports Authority.

Fast Break Your Lunch


Instead of  going out for a calorie packed lunch, take a quick jog or walk outside.  A quick 30 minute walk will give you your second wind for the afternoon and you can eat a quick meal at your desk after.  Make sure you have good footwear for your run/walk.  Many running shoes are on sale until Nov 16th at Sports Authority.

Park in the Last Spot in the Lot

If you have no time to fit in a quick workout, make sure you get some exercise by not parking in the first space in the lot.  Park at the end of the parking lot and walk to your office, store, etc and you will not only save time circling and looking for the perfect spot, but you will also burn some calories.