Holiday Deals at Sports Authority This Week

Kelly Daugherty & Jayne Drew

As my boys get older, it is harder to shop for them for the holidays.  A friend gave me some great advice – She follows the “Something they Want, something they Need, something to Wear and something to Read” mantra.  This is how we are shopping this year – it’s the right balance of fun and responsibility.

Sports Authority has some great deals that will fit several of these categories in their flyer this week.

Something they Want – The Deal of the Week my be perfect for this.  The Huffy Green Machine is 25% off at $79.99 this week.  Extra-wide, super-slick rear tires are ready for spins and slides, and dual-stick steering controls the action; the trigger hand brake delivers reliable stopping power. The comfortable, adjustable bucket seat has side supports for extra security.

Something they Need  – Teen boys seem to grow overnight and so both boys need new winter coats already. They have both refused to go shopping with me to try on coats, saying that they don’t need one and have just been wearing their hoodies to school.  (For the longest time, I thought this was unique to my boys, but waiting outside the high school you can even find boys still wearing shorts to school in the snow.) The negative temperatures last week have changed their minds and lucky for us is that all Gerry outerwear is 30% off at Sports Authority.

Stay warm this week and knock off a big portion of your shopping list this week with deals from Sports Authority.