Best Running Shoes for Runners on Sale

Kelly Daugherty & Jayne Drew

Being a team leader for Girls on the Run, I often preach the importance of good running shoes.  You want a running shoe that has lots of support and fits your individual foot well.  This will help prevent injuries in the long run.

To find the best running shoe, you need to know if you are an overpronator, an underpronator or neutral.  So how do you figure this out?  Best way is to wet the bottom of your foot and make a footprint on a piece of paper or cardboard to see your foot outline.  Another way to check is to look at the backs of your old running shoes to see where you put pressure as you run.

Below is what your foot imprint means and what kind of shoe you should look for:

Overpronator (Flat Feet)

You overpronate when your feet roll inward when you run (the inside of the heels of your shoes are worn).  If you do the foot imprint, you will not see an inward curve from your big toe to your heel.  You do not see an arch.

Best running shoes for you are shoes with stability, such as Saucony’s Grid Stabil.

Underpronate (High Arches)

You underpronate which means your feet roll outwards when you run (the outside of the heels of your shoes are worn). If you do the foot imprint, you will see a large curve from your big toe to your heel making your foot appear skinny.

Best running shoes are shoes that are flexible and have a soft midsole to absorb shock.  Asics Nimbus (my favorite) is often the top rated running shoe for underpronators.  They are on sale this week at Sports Authority (until 3/22).


If your foot imprint looks normal and does not fit either of the above than you have a neutral foot.

Lucky you, you have a wide range of shoes to choose from.  Almost any running shoe will work for you (although stability controlled shoes are not recommended).

Have a Smashing week!