Gift Ideas for the Fitness Mom

Kelly Daugherty & Jayne Drew

Mother’s Day is just a week away so it is time to get shopping.  If your Mom loves fitness, there are many great gifts out there for her.  Here are a few gifts that are sure to be a hole in one for Mom this Mother’s Day

Yoga Mom


Yoga is a wonderful way for Mom to stay balanced and help to relieve stress.  Sports Authority has a range of yoga accessories accessories, such as mats and blocks, on sale this week (until May 10th).


Golf Mom


As the weather is warming up, Mom may need some new golf clubs and balls before her season kicks off.  Sports Authority has a wide selection of golf items on sale this week until May 10th.  And if Mom needs some new slimming apparel, be sure to check out Chicago’s own Smashing Golf & Tennis for her wardrobe needs.


Fitness with Family Mom


If your family likes to exercise together, a new bike may be a great option for Mom.  May is a great time of year in Chicago to go biking on the many bike paths.  Sports Authority has a sale on many bikes just in time for Mother’s Day (sale ends May 10).


Hope everyone has a Smashing Mother’s Day.