Swing into Summer

Kelly Daugherty & Jayne Drew

It has been a very long winter and we have all suffered through too much snow. For those golfers out there its been a treacherous winter of hitting golf balls in a net or a dome. Now its finally time to get see those golf balls fly outside! All the tweaks you’ve been making on your swing finally get their debut in the sun!

Finally summer weather is approaching. There are so many activities to do especially now that the sun is shinning! It looked like the sun was never going to appear after the cold weather this past Friday, but now the sky is finally blue and the sun is out. So why not take advantage of a perfect day and get the family together for a fun round of golf?

Since the whole family is getting together for some golf and maybe engaging in a fun scramble or best ball, its time for you to play your best! Why not play your best and maximize your spin with a brand new box of Titleist Pro V 1′s or Pro V 1x’s?

Sports Authority has a great deal on prior generation golf balls for $39.99 that will have your team conquering around the green.

Golf is a tricky sport so it is in your best interest to have your equipment be the best. Titleist has the classic Pro V golf balls that keep golfers using the Pro V 1′s hitting the ball further, and the Pro V 1x users feeling the effects of a softer golf ball around the green.

The golf course is the perfect place to enjoy the weather. No matter what your age golf is always a fun way to enjoy the day. Its amazing to go out on a sunny day with an Arnold Palmer and a fun group.

So get out on that first tee box and have a Smashing day!